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Executive Director: Mike Willand
Strategic Work Plan

HMCIDA will be a catalyst for improving community life because we have helped:
1) Maintain and expanded our economic base by identifying and addressing the needs of current industry and attracting new industry
2) Strengthen the relationship between the community and industry to deepen the value the community places on the contributions industry provides to the economy and the quality of life. Also deepen the value that industry places on the community’s business and quality of life assets.
3) Maintain HMCIDA as a relevant entity utilizing best practices in the economic development field.

The Mission of HMCIDA is to support existing industry, promote new industry investment and strengthen relations between the community and industry.

I. Better understand the current and future needs of local industry and encourage community leaders to plan for these needs.
a. Conduct interviews with industry representatives on issues including by not limited to:
   i. Workforce
      1. Skills
      2. Recruitment
   ii. Real Estate
      1. Land
      2. Buildings
   iii. Infrastructure
      1. Water & Wastewater
      2. Transportation
      3. Electric
      4. Natural Gas
      5. Telecommunications
   iv. Emergency Services
      1. Police
      2. Fire
      3. Rescue
   v. Other Local Government Services
   vi. Private Sector Products & Services

II. Promote interaction between representatives of industrial firms and community leaders
   a. Facilitate events that bring industry representatives together which may result in potential synergies
   b. Sponsor events that brings industry leaders and community leaders together
      i. Coordinate appropriate tours
      ii. Participate in the community’s Leadership programs
      iii. Industry Appreciation Event

III. Seek Opportunities for New Industry Development
   a. Identify and maintain a database of local properties appropriate for industry
   b. Work to reuse brownfield site in community
   c. Work with Bluegrass South Coalition for regional marketing
      i. Continue participation in Kentucky United
   d. Explore the visibility of a former regional development partner
      i. Evaluate potential for cost sharing & revenue sharing
   e. Support Mercer Chamber of Commerce in small business development

IV. Encourage local education programs that provide students with the skills needed to obtain industrial employment
   a. Facilitate periodic meetings between industry representatives and educators to discuss issues of mutual interest.
   b. Coordinate and participate in “Industry to Schools”
   c. Coordinate and participate in “Schools to Industry”
   d. Encourage involvement in the Danville/Boyle County Teachers Academy

V. Showcase the value of industry in the community
   a. Compile data on the economic impact of industry
      i. Employment
      ii. Tax Revenue
      iii. Multiplier effect
   b. Present impact data to influential groups
      i. City Commission
      ii. Fiscal Court
      iii. Civic Organizations
   c. Utilize the media to share positive information

VI. Keep industry aware of community developments and events
   a. Encourage industry participation in the community

VII. Stay current on economic development programs and practices
   a. Maintain a close relationship with the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development
   b. Retain membership in the Kentucky Association of Economic Developers
   c. Seek continuous improvement in our website
   d. Periodically review By-Laws to keep them current

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Harrodsburg - Mercer County Industrial Development Authority

Diamond Point Welcome Center
488 Price Avenue, Suite 3
Harrodsburg, KY 40330
Phone: 859-734-0063

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